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Udumwara Resort is located about 15 minutes drive from Paro International airport in a beautiful place surrounded by Orchids. Paro river is passing behind the resort.  

Udumwara in sanskrit means “an auspicious flower from heaven”, which is said to blossom once every 3,000 years. The appearance of Udumwara blossoms is a sign of the arrival of the Holy King who turns the wheel, rectifying the Dharma in the world.

Volume 8 of the Buddhist scripture “Huilin Phonetics and Interpretation” writes: “The Udumwara flower is the product of propitious and supernatural phenomena; it is a celestial flower and does not exist in the mundane world. If a Tathagata or the King of the Golden Wheel appears in the human world, this flower will appear due to his great virtue and blessings.”

Buddhist scriptures also recorded that the Holy King Who Turns the Wheel is an ideal king who will rule the world not through force but through justice. Regardless of one’s religious affiliation—Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, and so on—anyone who offers compassion to others will have the opportunity to meet the Holy King Who Turns the Wheel.

“The fragrance of Drukyul” as the slogan reads, holds true for the Udumwara flower and so does for Udumwara Resort, located amidst the raw natural beauty with a true Bhutanese touch of warm hospitality. 

A huge enchanting Chukhor, a water run prayer wheel, gracefully built in front of the resort and a lord Buddha sitting on the lotus along with the lord of the four directions greets you as you enter the premises which will immediately captivate your imagination.

Our rooms are artistically designed keeping the varying needs of our guests in mind. More than half the rooms are suites, featuring a spacious living room, dining area, and a fully equipped kitchenette. With curated art pieces, chic interiors that encapsulate Bhutan’s ancient heritage with contemporary design, hand-crafted amenities, and scenic views of the Himalayas.

The resort has10 rooms at the main block and 5 cozy villas with 4 rooms in each villa, which are all deluxe twin bedded rooms decorated in a traditional style with modern facilities like security boxes, TV and free wireless internet connection. Pakshing Bar made wholly of bamboo which serves only local drinks and a handicraft shop with all the antiques on display just next to the bar in the main block will surely mesmerize you. There is also a huge conference hall which can accommodate about 40-50 people depending on the seating layout.



For their dining experience, our guests will be welcomed primarily in our 2 restaurants.

Our in-house restaurant, will offer our guests a variety of multi-cuisines, not to forget our very own Bhutanese cuisine to relish upon. Although, it would be improper to say that the food would taste exactly like that of the desired cuisine, our restaurant would try and display the menu with a fine blend of Bhutanese ingredients which would actually have a different flavor and a newer look to it. A particular attention will be given to ensuring that our guests would have a very large selection of dining options as to satisfy even the most seasoned palates. A special menu has been designed for children. Entertainment of traditional dances, mask dance, can also be arranged for an additional cost.

In the Nyeltsho Restaurant, one would find an array of fast food. The restaurant would also specialize in serving meat products, where they can barbeque it themselves and have it with their desired drinks. So on a clear starry night, one cannot miss such an opportunity of spending an exclusive evening with your family, friends or your loved ones.

Traditional Bridge
To add on to the existing natural beauty of the resort, a traditional bridge is constructed which passes over a small brook. The resort is a blend of traditional look with a touch of modern architecture. For this matter, Udumwara Resort can undoubtedly be called the visual summary of ancient Bhutan.

Hospitality is not just our priority but religion that runs through the veins of every Bhutanese. With truly professional people, we at Udumwara believe in making you a part of our family and not just provide accommodations. We promise you a souvenir of sweet memories woven with the emotions of a true Bhutanese.

In the pipeline – Overlooking the Pachhu river a two storied entertainment centre will be constructed with heating system swimming pool, spa therapies, steam and sauna, jacuzzi, and a well equipped gymnasium.

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In-room Massage Therapies
Swedish Massage
Balinese Massage
Mud Bath
Body Glow (Scrub)

Pakshing bar
The “Pakshing” bar, literally meaning bamboo in Bhutanese, would be located in the main block and as the name suggests, would have a lot of bamboo works. Another highlight of this bar would be that this bar would only serve traditional drinks produced in Bhutan. From the locally and indigenously brewed ‘ara’ to one of the most expensive whiskey ‘the 1907’, would all be available in this bar, showcasing Bhutanese liquor to the outside world. The bar would also serve, Bhutanese juices, snacks and cocktails.

Nyeltsho Bar 
Located with the outdoor restaurant providing a magnificent view of the Paro river. This bar on the other hand will cater to an assortment of drinks all day long. The open deck in front of the restaurant would house as an ideal place for guests wishing to get a Bhutanese tan by basking in the sun during the day as well as a place for enjoyment among friends and family during the evenings with some good wine, seafood and barbeque.

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