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“Tshetob Ying Yum Spa and Massage” is located in the heart of Paro Town. It is run by a group of professional and certified therapists. If you have any issues of pain in any part of your body, let us heal you.

About US

Is that awful twinge of pain in your shoulder or neck does not seem to go away?
Tshetob Ying Yum Spa  is at your service.
“Embracing Wellness” is at the heart of Tshetob Ying Yum Spa. Located in the perimeters of the town, we are your another next door neighbor for all your spa needs. In alliance with contemporary chic and the essence of the century old spa techniques, our professional spa services are delivered through the magical hands of our highly professional team.

Tshetob Ying Yum Spa promises the best spa services in the town and we commenced to offer our guests the complete satisfaction and a lifetime’s most soothing sensory journey. Equipped with the futuristic equipments and the regularly updated knowledge of our professionals- there is hindrance to deliver Tshetob Ying Yum Spa’s promise to offer the best spa services. Get yourself the best ‘sensory journey’ and embrace the wellness we offer as a member or a one-time guest, perhaps make it one in a lifetime experience with us. The sensory journey travelled through the hands of the professionals at Tshetob Ying Yum Spa gives you exceptional relaxation and relief from hosts of ailments and strains.

Tshetob Ying Yum Spa is staffed with the most prolific and passionate professionals making the start of their careers at international resorts and spa & saloon. They are also highly trained in the best spas in the region. For them, a hint of nerve running edgy is enough for them to understand your trigger points to cure your ailments. Lauded by guests from all over the globe and most visited by locals, visit us for all your spa needs and be that another satisfied guest. At Tshetob Ying Yum Spa, our unique and trendy techniques in the science of spa will rub off all your ‘hard knot’ twinge in your muscle.

“Choice of Spa treatment”

1. Full Body Massage (Swedish)
2. Full Body Massage (Deep Tissue)
3. Hot Stone Massage
4. Tibetan Kunye Massage
5. Chinese Foot Reflexology
6. Trekker Foot Massage
7. Facial Massage
6. Thai Massage
8. Hot Oil Head Massage
9. Himalayan Healing
10. Cupping Massage

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