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Trogon Villa, the inspiration of the name of the eco-lodge comes from the rare Ward’s Trogon. The Ward’s Trogon is an extremely elusive bird known to reside in the temperate and subtropical forests across the Himalayas, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

However, due to habitat loss and degradation, the Ward’s Trogon has been listed on the list of globally endangered birds. Yongkhola, the location of the eco-lodge, is one of the few places in the world where one can catch a glimpse of the Ward’s Trogon unperturbed in its natural Habitat. The rather common Red-headed Trogon is the other species of trogon found in Bhutan and it can also be frequently sighted not far from the lodge.

All rooms are spacious and fitted with all the required amenities


The restaurant offers a limited selection of cuisine that are freshly prepared using herbs that are grown in the lodge’s kitchen garden and has a taste of home-cooked meals.

The Villa is one of the few hotels in the country that does not serve bottled water to reduce plastic waste.
The water provided is filtered using UV filters and serviced in reusable glass bottles.

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ACTIVITIES & services

Room Amenities
Free WiFi
Mineral Water
Complementary Tea
Coffee Sachet
Water Kettle
Essentials (Towels, Soap, Shampoo)
Room Heater
Hair Dryer
Room Service until 10:00pm

Villa’s Amenities
Multi-cuisine Restaurant
Free WiFi
Laundry Service
Large Parking Area

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