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The Farm House, overlooks the valley, a five minutes’ walk reach you cross over Tang chu, into a woodland, alpine birds like alpine accentor (prunella collaris), mountain bulbul (hysipetes mcclellandii) and many others could be seen late evening and their songs could be heard by early dawn. Often wild animals like barking deer, and alpine wolf could be seen.

The farm house is centrally located, cultural sites in Tang are close, anyone can reach the farm land at a walking distance, 15 minutes drive up the valley takes you to Tang Ugyencholing Museum, and many traditional villages, offers you a glimpse of the medieval culture of rural Bhutan. Besides an astounding beauty of the countryside in Tang is a unique beauty and experience for a visitor to take back a memory that will never be forgotten.

Tang is a valley where Agriculture is the main profession of the people; dairy farming recently became an important source of socio- economic activities. Weather is sunny in spring, experience light monsoon in July and August. The average temperature in summer is 25 degree centigrade and winter -8 but days are not cold but pleasant to visit around.

The Sport is archery and tourists can arrange to have many local games of Khur, archery, bamboo javelin, and horse riding at a marginal rate(s).


Tang Mesaythang Farm House, located 28km from Jakar town at an altitude of 6500ft. It is located near Tang Central School, above main road, a two storied building with a small dining built in traditional architect, provide all Bhutanese dishes, with warm and hot water running at all times, the lodge has electricity heating facility as well as wood stove if needed.

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Folk dance, night music, and bon fire are available on advance confirmation. Behind the Farm house is a cow shed, a small orchard with a few cherry trees, turns the farm land into a pristine natural settings in the early spring, Close by is a poultry farm, morning cock crowing can be heard at a respectable distance.

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