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Retreat Centre Bumthang was started in July 2019 initiated by Pema Lingpa Foundation. Main objective of the Retreat Centre is to have a serene environment for students in various colleges under Pema Lingpa Foundation to meet with scholars within & abroad.

In Bhutan, there are a large number of unique places where you can “recharge” and meditate. One of the best places for spiritual practices is Lhuendrub Deki Gatshel Retreat Center in Bumthang, located 6 km away from Bathpalathang domestic airport.  Located away from the settlements, at a secluded place, the center offers guided meditation class by its qualified instructors.  

Among mountains and valleys experience the eye opening wonder of the stunning views and scenery. Immerse into a traditional Bhutanese way of life that is still very much steeped in Buddhism, and a lot of time to relax, reflect, learn and experience. 

If you have always dreamed of discovering symbiosis with nature and life, then Lhuendrub Deki Gatshelwill be the right choice.  

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