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Jampel Yang Hotel, a three-star property lies at the base of a sacred three distinctive sister mountains, for centuries they have been venerated as the abode of the three principal deities in the Vajrayana Buddist pantheon, farthest southernmost is Jampelyang (Manjushri/wisdom), in middle is Chenrezi (Avalokiteshvara/compassion) and Chana Dorji (Vajrapani/wrath) is in the north.

These mountains present a breath taking view, like heaps of flour in the middle of valley. They appear equal in height, in a line and upright without touching one another. Our hotel is nearest to the most popular tourist attractions like White temple (Lakhang Karpo) & Black temple (Lakhang Nagpo)

Our hotels has 22 rooms, includes 20 deluxe and 2 family suites is attached kitchen & bathrooms. All the room have showers, 24 hours water, and latest technology floor & wall heating systems.


Indulges in great food at hotel, featuring an extensive daily buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
A la Carte options offer the best of continental, Bhutanese and Indian cuisine. The bar has wide choice of drinks to offer, ranging from the simplest of local to the best of imported, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.

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ACTIVITIES & services

  • 32” TV in all the rooms & 2 conference halls.
  • Private dining and Latte Bistro.
  • Hot stone bath and Farm house to stay.
  • Cultural program on request.
  • Coffee & tea set in room.
  • All the rooms are furnished with floor heating system and the walls with wood panelled.
  • Free wifi and laundry service.

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