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Hotel Taktsang -The ultimate Nest for Mind, Body and Soul. Taktsang literally means the “Tiger’s Nest” (Tak – Tiger; Tsang – Nest), and is one of Bhutan and Vajrayana Buddhism’s most sacred sites, connected to the Second Buddha and great Tantric Master Guru Padmasambhava – “The Lotus Born”. Located in Paro, the monastery from far looks like a castle hanging in the air. It is said that Guru Padmasambhava rode on a tigress from the extreme east of Bhutan to the current location and thus the name Taktsang

The Hotel is a welcoming, cozy and warm Nest, where our special guest can weave exceptional memories. At Taktsang Hotel, one can enjoy extraordinary festive moments. It is the ultimate home to luxuriate and rejuvenate and take relaxation to a higher level.

Located in the heart of Thimphu, it is just a five-minute leisure walk to one of Thimphu’s hallmarks – the National Memorial Chorten. Everything you may need; beginning from convenience stores to pharmacies and others are just a few steps away. These factors set us apart; justifiably as one of the country’s best hotels and a pioneer of the hotel industry.

Conveniently set in the center of Thimphu, Hotel Taktsang has 32 rooms; a restaurant that can accommodate more than 50 people; a bar that serves classical cocktails; free WIFI services and a 24-hour front desk. The rooms are sound proof. One of Bhutan and Thimphu’s oldest hotels, we are privileged to have served guests from different cultures and countries.

It is the best at the disposal of Hotel Taktsang and a room which gives you much more than what you actually pay for. The room has all modern facilities, with touches of Bhutanese hospitality visible in the way the room is decorated. It is more than just a room; if you have any businesses to attend to, the room’s WIFI facilities and the large space with exquisite furnishings makes it an ideal place for you to host a meet. It is not just a display of luxury, but of need; meant to meet all your needs, for you are our most valued guests.

If you wish to go a bit economical, we have this arrangement for you too. While fully furnished and equipped with everything that you would want in an ideal room, the difference from the Deluxe Suite is the room’s size. It is a bit smaller. But this does not mean that we have not considered the needs of our valued guests. It is an arrangement to provide you alternatives, based on economy and need.

Superior Standard
We dearly believe that our guests should have alternatives to select from; not just in cuisines but also in the types of rooms that are offered. These rooms do not have the kind of size and furnishings that deluxe have. However, it is an ideal one for those who want to cut down on expenses, so that what is saved can be used for other purposes. It is a standard room, but special in that. A smaller LCD TV; bathrooms without tubs and differences in furnishings are the lines that separate this room from others. 

Standard Room
When we say standard, it means that the room meets all requirements of an average traveler. But remember; we offer star rated services and the Hotel is also a star rated one. Thus, it has everything that the special standard has, but for differences in furnishings.


After a relishing day in and around Thimphu, our guests definitely need to relish the day while preparing for the next promising adventure. And it is where the Hotel’s Spa comes in, where you can have all the time to yourself; thinking and reminiscing about the day and storing these memorable moments in the library of your thoughts. The experience at the Spa will also be special and one that you will definitely mark as one of the best moments at the Hotel and Bhutan.

You may not believe it! Then try us; You will not regret!


Cuisines from all over the world
Your longing for food of your choice can be met in the most sumptuous way at Hotel Taktsang; inside your room or within the confines of the eclectic 55 seated restaurant that the Hotel boasts of.

The food that you take is organic; with ingredients of almost all the dishes bought and brought from small farms, who just grow organic food – potatoes to onions, tomatoes and green leaves.    

Food says a lot about one’s culture, too. And for our guests, especially those interested to experience the Bhutanese way of life, Hotel Taktsang has the best Bhutanese cuisines, which include dishes from all 20 districts of the country. We have at your disposal the nation-wide famous ema-datsi (chilly with cheese), to central Bhutan’s famed Bumthap Puta (noodles). If you want to relish the dishes of Bhutan’s highlanders, such as dried yak meat, we have that, too. The beauty of experiencing Bhutanese cuisines at Hotel Taktsang is augmented by the fact that the Hotel has experienced chefs and staff, who will narrate to you, stories behind every dish that is Bhutanese.

Call it a bar, saloon, tavern or a tippling house, Hotel Taktsang’s Bar is diverse and friendly with trained and experienced bartenders, who make the table services very efficient. And to quench your thirst, we bring to you, Bhutanese beers and whiskies to the imported ones; beginning from French and Aussie wines to whisky from the US and other countries.

Do not leave the Bar without tasting our special cocktails. Taste the traditional homemade Bhutanese alcohol (Ara), fried with butter and eggs, you can get that too.

And the best part is that you need not worry about reaching your room. Taktsang’s Bar is just ten steps away from the lift, which will take you to your room.

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